Get health
information from
your period.

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Data monitoring

LOONCUP predicts women's health and disease through quantifying menstrual blood. It measures menstruation volume, color, cycle and body temperature automatically, and tracks menstruation information.



LOONCUP notifies you when it needs to be emptied. It will alert you when it is 50% and 70% full.


How to use

LOON CUP syncs with your phone over Bluetooth. The cup tracks flow and records changes in menstrual color and body temperature. Your body can communicate with you more directly using LOON CUP and the free app.

01. Turn on the cup


Follow the instructions.


02. Wear the cup


Wear it during your period.


03. Sync the data


Check your data after it has synced with your phone.




Our innovative products have won several prestigious awards.

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CES Innovation
Awards 2019

- Honoree

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Ergonomic Design
Award 2018

- Best Innovation Award

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Innovation By Design
Awards 2016

- Health Finalists


Thank you Media

Media coverage: over 100 media outlets covered LOON CUP


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